Dangle Dots
Dangle Dots
Dangle Dots
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Dangle Dots

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What are Dangle Dots?

Dangle Dots are skin safe silicone patches that adhere to the back of your earlobes. They alleviate some of the weight and discomfort associated with wearing heavy statement earrings. 

How do they work?

Simply put, Dangle Dots work thanks to science mixed with a little bit of magic. The silicone patch is skin safe, sticks to the back of your lobes and grips snugly to both your ear, and your earrings. They’re a bit like a bra for your lobes! This patch supports the earring, stops it from slipping with its textured surface, holds it upright and relieves some of the weight away from your delicate little lobes. 

So what does all that mean?!

No more pain 🥳

No more stretched lobes 🤩

YES you can rock those statement pieces all day long 🎉


Each pack contains 60 Dangle Dots.

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