Jewellery Care Instructions

Keep your Fig & Fletcher pretties sparkling and fresh by following these helpful tips:

- store your jewellery and accessories in a clean and dry environment, out of direct sunlight
- keep your pieces away from water - they do not like getting wet!
- avoid contact with perfumes, moisturisers, cosmetics, etc as they may damage your jewellery
- clean your jewellery with a soft cloth or jewellery polishing cloth. Do not wipe over paint filled areas with a damp cloth or baby wipe as you may remove the paint
- we recommend holding the pad of the earring stud post when removing the earring clasp to avoid weakening the glue and to ensure your pieces have a long life
- necklaces and rings are made with plated metals and there may be some discolouration over time. This is not considered a fault and Fig & Fletcher do not accept responsibility for discolouration