‘The Village Co’ Fundraising Collection

Throughout the month of June, we are raising funds for The Village Co. $10 from the sale of each of these gorgeous stud packs, along with $2 from all other sales in June, will be donated to help mums in need.

About The Village Co:

“Imagine becoming a mother with no support, encouragement or guidance.
Imagine not being able to afford the basics: nappies, pads or even soap.
How would you feel without the essentials needed to raise a child?
At The Village Co., our hearts break for women in need. We want all women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby to experience dignity, care and generosity. Some South Australian women find themselves in situations where they do not have this essential support. Without support, women may struggle, lose confidence and be at greater risk of mental health issues.
The Village Co. aim to supply at risk mothers and mothers-to-be with a bag of essentials for both themselves and their new baby.”

You can find out more about The Village Co here https://thevillageco.org.